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100+ Replica Native American Headdress / Indian Headdress Designs

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Extra Long Indian Headdress Replicas

Our most extravagant option, our Extra Long headdresses hang your knees! These have an "extra full" appearance, with more feathers per length than other options.

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Long Indian Headdress Replicas

Between our Short and Extra Long headdresses, our Long styles are often just right, hanging to your middle or lower back.

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Short Indian Headdress Replicas

Our Short headdress are outstanding. Feathers extend from every direction, surrounding your shoulders.

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Mini Native American Inspired Headdresses

Still inspired by Native American headdresses, our Mini headdresses aren't in the classic "war bonnet" style. They're compact, with feathers shooting up and back, and down from the temples.

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Kids Size Indian Headdress Replicas

Our kids size headdresses are the same quality and use just as many feathers as our adults sizes. They're just a tighter fit, and adjustable to fit children anywhere from 1-12 years old.

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The Sounding Iron brings you stunning, artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali. In the style of beautiful headdresses made by an assortment of North American Plains Indian tribes (often called Indian headdresses or Native American headdresses), our selection of elaborate pieces is designed and made by Balinese artisans, in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

With materials collected from Bali, Java, and Sumatra, each headdress takes many hours of painstaking work to complete. Each feather is cleaned and dried, then dyed, painted and dried again. Felt and soft faux leather are measured and cut, and elaborate beadwork is hand-loomed in a process that itself takes almost an entire day.

Assembled by hand, our headdresses are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for uses from Halloween to stage performances and professional Indian-theme photo shoots.

We currently offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide, with 5-8 day delivery. Upgrades are also available within the United States, including 2-3 day delivery and overnight delivery options.

The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with an Native American tribes or groups and our headdresses are not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Indian products".