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Let us explain a little more about Native American headdresses and its history and why our headdress replicas will serve as a truly unique gift with a great story behind it.

The importance of the Golden Eagle, feathers and Native headdress styles.

Golden Eagles were the most important animals for Indians because they were seen as messengers to the Great Spirit. Golden Eagles played a significant role among Indian tribes and stood for respect and spirituality.

Whenever an Indian Native received a Golden Eagle feather, it was a sign of appreciation, utmost respect, and love and as a reward for his or her achievements or actions. Numerous ceremonies would take place for the Great Spirit, also known as the Creator, and the Golden Eagle in order to inform both sacred spirits of the name of the person that would receive the new Golden Eagle feather. The new owner of the feather has to build a little home for the feather to keep it safe, the new owner must also feed the feather. Feeding the feather basically meant: Wearing the feather at spiritual ceremonies. When an Indian wore the feather at sacred ceremonies, the feather would recharge itself with sacred energy from the Creator.

Most people aren’t aware of the importance of Golden Eagle feathers for Indian Natives, but it would be a great story for you to tell when buying this as a gift. Who wouldn’t want to give something that stands for love, respect, and appreciation, right?! Consider one of our beautiful Native American headdress replicas for sale as a gift. Check out our collection of Native headdress replicas in different categories.

All headdresses sold by The Sounding Iron are made with real feathers and look amazing on men or women. Kids sizes are adjustable, while adults sizes are one size fits all - and thanks to a very functional design they really do fit nearly everyone!

The headdresses were the most symbolic items for Indians. Fun side fact: The well-known Sioux are thought to be one of the first Indian tribes to wear headdresses. Only the most important and powerful tribe members were allowed to wear them. Now, you might ask yourself why some of the Native Americans were wearing extremely long feathered headdresses. We also have these extra long Native American feathers replicas for sale in our collection. Most of the extremely long headdresses you see were worn by chiefs. The story behind it is, a feather was added to the headdress when the person wearing it committed a courageous act or showed extraordinary bravery in battle. It’s safe to assume that the longer the headdress, the braver the Native American was.

Perhaps you know someone special who achieved or did something extraordinary in life too. Buying an American Indian headpiece replica for this person would be a unique gift. Now is the time to check out the extra long headdress replicas in our store. Don’t forget to explain the reasoning behind your unique gift from The Sounding Iron!

Another surprising fact not many people know about is that women never engaged in creating the headdresses. Mostly chiefs or important warriors and their friends were allowed to make them. It’s slightly different for us. Here at The Sounding Iron, all our headdress replicas are handmade by Balinese artisans. The materials are collected from a few Indonesian islands: Bali, Java, and Sumatra. It takes a lot of time to create each headdress and, as mentioned before, feathers are real. Each feather is dried and cleaned before our artisans can start with dying or painting the feathers. The beadwork is made from soft faux leather, measured and cut accordingly. Our artisans need almost a full day to complete this process.

Assembled by hand, our headdresses are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for uses from Halloween to stage performances and professional Indian theme photo shoots.

There was a huge variety of headdress styles and tribes. Due to the fact that every tribe had its own interpretation of the meaning of headdresses and using different materials to create them. Every color stood for something unique. Usually, the Plain tribes had very different headdress styles compared to Northern or Eastern tribes. Tribes living in the deserts for example only wore feathers of one or two different birds. Tribes that mainly lived around forest areas had way more different colors and styles. We use real leather headbands for our Native headdress replicas for sale, similar to real Native American headdresses.

Our headdress replicas are tied together at the back, allowing them to be adjusted rather easily. Nowadays people see the Native American headdress perhaps more as a beautiful accessory, however, Native Americans see it as a symbol of strength and bravery, and showed a lot of respect to the ones allowed to wear it.

And there you have the reasons to buy a unique Native American headdress replica by the Sounding Iron. Artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali coming in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Stop wasting your time strolling around shopping balls wondering what gift to buy and check out our Native American headdress replicas for sale!