About The Sounding Iron and Our Headdresses

The Sounding Iron® represents a network of artisans on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, who design and make Native American inspired feather headdresses in their homes. Often called “The Island of the Gods”, Bali is world-renowned for dramatic cliffs dropping to the Indian Ocean, exquisite Hindu architecture, and jaw dropping, intricate craftsmanship.

Our headdresses are inspired by traditional War Bonnets worn by various Plains Indian tribes. In that context they’re called Indian Headdresses or Native American headdresses. But these are made on an island community with its own rich and ancient history. Beyond being a global tourism destination which connects Bali with many distant nations, today Bali’s economy is built on agriculture and on handicraft.

All headdresses sold by The Sounding Iron are made with real feathers and look amazing on men or women. Kids sizes are adjustable, while adults sizes are one size fits all - and thanks to a very functional design they really do fit nearly everyone!

These do not come from a factory! And so bead colors and patterns typically vary, making each one a unique handmade work of art.

Our customers love wearing these headpieces in plays, parades, birthday parties, festivals, and photo shoots - the bright colors are simply amazing to photograph!

The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with any Native American groups or tribes. Our headdresses are designed and made by Balinese artisans, and inspired by traditional Native American headdresses. They are not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Native American products" or "Indian products".

So that we can stay in business and grow our support for the artisans, our top priority is to make sure everyone LOVES what they're buying, and that delivery is fast and smooth. We also bring ideas for design and quality improvements back to the artisans. So please send a note to let us know if you'd like to see something different or something more!

Finally, if you like a headdress that's out of stock, don't hesitate to write and ask how quickly we can get one to you!  We might be in the process of restocking that very week, and if not, we might be able to ship one straight to you from Indonesia in only a few days.

Thanks for coming by!