Admit it: you’ve always wanted your own Indian headdress replica. What’s stopping you from getting yours today? We’ve outlined the top reasons you need your very own Indian headdress replica and where to get the most unique ones below.

You may already be searching “where can I buy an Indian headdress replica” but if you’re not, you soon will be.

1) For the Upcoming Festival Season

Summer is officially here and with it, music festival season. There are few things better than seeing live, outdoor music. The energy at a festival is addictive and the feeling of community totally unique. With so many people from different places, a festival is often the one place people from very different perspectives of life can meet and agree with each other. Live music has a way of uniting and unifying a large group of people.

The people watching at festivals is the best part; seeing everyone’s funkiest outfits and costumes is almost as much fun as seeing your favorite acts perform. The best way to fully immerse into a festival is to dress the part. For some people, that can mean wearing your comfiest, movable clothing that won’t get in the way when you’re dancing. For some people that means wearing the coolest pieces with unique patterns or cuts. Others break out a full-on costume.

However you choose to dress for your favorite festival, own it.

If you tend to go the costume route, chances are you’ve searched “where can I buy an Indian headdress replica.”

The answer is The Sounding Iron authentic Indian headdress replicas. The Sounding Iron’s headdresses are handmade, completely unique headdresses that let you dress for the show with minimal effort. Just slip it on along with any other clothes and go; the possibilities are endless!

2) For Halloween, at any age

As kids, Halloween was a favorite. Dressing up like something fun and collecting candy, plus all the awesome Halloween parties we had in school, always made October a special month.

As we get older, some of the appeal can be lost. Instead of letting it completely lose it’s charm, keep the tradition alive! Dressing for Halloween doesn’t have to be as much of a chore! Simply buy Indian headdress replica pieces to your costume closet and be prepared for impromptu costume parties, trick-or-treaters or costume day at the office.

3) A Unique Piece of Artwork

Who said you have to wear your Indian headdress replica? By purchasing a Sounding Iron Indian headdress, you are buying a piece of handmade, unique art from Bali, Indonesia.

Hang your headdress on a wall or place it on a stand on a desk or end table for a unique piece of art that will be a conversation starter when guests come over.

Everyone has paintings and sculptures. Not everyone has a hand painted, hand beaded headdress from the beautiful, culturally rich island of Bali.

With materials collected from Bali, Java, and Sumatra, three Indonesians islands, each headdress takes many hours of exhausting work to complete. Each feather is cleaned and dried, then often dyed and/or painted and dried again for a finished look. Felt and soft faux leather are carefully measured and cut to fit each headdress. Elaborate beadwork is hand-loomed in a process that takes almost an entire day in itself. Owning a Sounding Iron headdress is quite literally owning a piece of handmade, one-of-a-kind artwork.

4) As a Unique Gift

Do you have that one friend who has everything? Each year you try to get them something unique to show how much you appreciate and love them and every year you end up falling short? A Sounding Iron Indian headdress replica is the perfect give for someone that has everything.

Give your friend or family member a replica Indian headdress and let them use it for art, as a costume or just for fun! The beauty of a headdress as a gift is that they can use it multiple ways, completely at their own discretion!

5) To Take the Coolest Instagram Pictures

Have you always wanted to do one of those sexy, fun photo shoots for a really cool Instagram picture? With a Sounding Iron headdress, your fantasy shot can become a reality.

You probably haven’t thought “where to buy Indian headdress replica pieces for a cool Instagram shot”, but you should have! With Sounding Iron, choose a headdress, take a picture and wait for the Instagram likes to come rolling in. Check us out on Instagram for some really great examples.

6) For Performances

Sounding Iron Indian headdress replicas are taken from authentic designs, making them perfect for a stage or recorded performance. Purchase your Indian headdress replica to feel more confident in your performance today.

7) For kids

Since Sound Iron headdress replicas come not only in a variety of styles but also sizes, you can make your little one jump for joy when you unveil the best costume prop they will ever have.

Whether for Halloween or just playing dress-up, they will love to have their very own, unique Indian headdress replica to bring to life their already overactive imagination.

The Sounding Iron promise is one of the best quality; you know that the headdress will withstand even the roughest playtime as well. 

And there you have the top seven reasons the Sounding Iron Indian headdress replicas are the best headdresses for any possibility out there.       

The Sounding Iron brings you stunning, artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali in multiple versions and sizes.

Made in the style of the stunning headdresses made by an assortment of North American Plains Indian tribes (known in this original context as Indian headdresses or Native American headdresses), Sounding Iron pieces are made by Balinese artisans, in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Assembled by hand, the headdress replicas are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for all uses including Halloween, stage performances and even professional Indian theme photo shoots or fun Instagram pictures. 

Don’t waste time searching “where can I buy an Indian headdress replica” again. Choose The Sounding Iron and be guaranteed quality and satisfaction.