A Native American headdress is not just an ornament. Even though you’ll probably see most headdress replicas at festivals and other outdoor events nowadays. The headdress replicas usually draw a lot of attention because it has a strong visual appearance. The headdress resembled a cultural and spiritual object among Native American tribes. The headdress replicas became very popular later in Western countries. A great number of movies featured the headdresses pushing its popularity and eventually it became available for commercial demand. Are you also looking to buy Native American headdress replicas? Then you’re at the right place! All of our exceptionally high-quality products are handmade by our professional artisans!

Eagle-feather War Bonnets

The Native Americans named it “eagle-feather war bonnets” but over time it was renamed to feathered headdresses. As mentioned before, they were of great importance to the tribes. Every single male warrior within a clan had to earn the rights to wear a certain type of a war bonnet. Furthermore, famous tribes such as the Sioux or Cheyenne have their own unique war bonnets. You can compare the war bonnets with the hierarchy in armies nowadays. You can’t just choose a uniform in the army with medals, stripes and stars - you have to earn it! The Native Americans could identify someone’s rank by looking at his war bonnet and clothes.

The famous medal of honor in our time is given to soldiers who distinguished themselves by acts of bravery. This was similar to the Native Americans, in order to earn a war bonnet, warriors had to show outstanding courage and bravery in battle. An eagle feather was considered to be a special sign of such bravery. The more eagle feather a warrior would have, the higher his rank within the hierarchy. I could imagine you’d like to have one and you might question yourself where you can buy Native American headdress replicas. The headdress replica Native America can be bought at The Sounding Iron shop! The Sounding Iron’s headdresses are handmade and therefore represent a perfect replica of brave warriors.

Wearing a war bonnet was an exclusive right and usually only important chiefs and well-respected warriors earned these rights. Due to the significant size of some bonnets, chiefs and warriors would only wear their war bonnets during ceremonies. It would be a major disadvantage to wearing it in battle. Especially the length, as you can see on our website, that can extend down to your lower back. It would bother them during combat, especially when riding a horse. In addition, the war bonnets came in different designs and patterns. Check out some examples of these special Native American Chief Headdress replicas shown on our website. Check out our different designs and models, some feathers stand up a little more straight while others trail down.

The feathers of the eagle war bonnets were, hence the name, made of golden eagles. The war bonnet designs changed slightly later in the 19th century influenced by foreign traders, originally from Europe. In addition, a change in color and strings of small, round beads and other items formed a new form of decoration. White and gray eagle feathers were used, but also colorful feathers, dyed feathers and a variety of other colorful items were used to create different compositions. The Sounding Iron Native American headwear replica are also based on these authentic designs. Our products range from designs before the late 19th century and after. Check them out and see for yourself what designs fits your personal desire best! All our products date back to its date of creation, up to the early twenties. Some of our designs are less ‘flashy and colorful’ and resemble the earliest and most authentic designs.

Funny fact: Traditionally women would never wear war bonnets, however, when the husbands returned from battle the women would often wear their husband’s war bonnet and dance around a fire to celebrate. So for women reading this, don’t worry! Wearing a Native American headdress replica would be awesome to wear for your next festival or outdoor event!

The times of wearing eagle-feather war bonnets have changed. Today people wear the war bonnets for different reasons, usually for events, memorials and festivals. Our Native American feather headdress was worn by a Native American Icon during a stage performance! This unique spectacle provided the audience with an experience that was a mixture of relatability and foreign concepts, that supplied education and growth on otherwise quieter subjects. He was portrayed as a powerful man who would not let anything stand in his destructive path, and Sitting Bull, along with the rest of his tribe, seem to get impeded upon by him and trod over as if they are unimportant throughout most of the show.

Popular Culture

Today the feathered headdresses are very popular for great deal of young people. You could think of many different scenarios where you could wear one of our designs. Whether you’re going to an outdoor music festival or a dress-up party, surely one of our awesome feathered headdress replicas will give you a lot of attention! 

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