How fast can you deliver?

We usually process orders the day they come in and always within a day, and our standard delivery runs about 6 business days worldwide.  We also offer upgrades to 2-3 day or even 1-2 day shipping within the United States. For some United States addresses we can guarantee overnight delivery, but email us to confirm before you place your order.

Please send us an email if you have more specific questions.


Do you accept returns?

Yes we do!  Returns must be shipped back within 7 days of delivery, and the headdress must be unworn, in brand new condition, and in the original packaging so it can be sold again as new. Any shipping upgrade charges are not refundable.


What do you mean about variations in each headdress?

Materials come from villages deep in the countryside in Java, so they can vary a bit, and each headdress is handmade by an artisan who takes some creative freedoms with each one.  Our headdresses don't come from a factory- each one is a work of art!

The overall designs are very consistent, and so are the dyes used for the feathers. The biggest differences are in the bead colors and patterns. And keep in mind that these are real feathers, so they can have natural variations in shading and size too.

We guarantee top quality and accuracy to our written descriptions, but your headdress probably won't look exactly like the photo. And FYI, we did NOT cherry pick for our photos! We did our photo shoot as soon as we had one headdress on hand in every style and color we needed. We took the photos in Indonesia, not where we keep our consolidated inventory.


Are you aware that some people say non-Natives shouldn't wear headdresses?

Aside from the ceremonial significance of headdresses to the Plains Indian cultures from which they originate and which we believe most people recognize, generations of people have taken joy in wearing headdresses as a novelty or as a form of creative expression. In this context, like any other costume, wearing one is a performance that embodies the wearer's interpretation or creative expansion on what the outfit represents to them personally, in context. Wearing a costume transports you to a time and place of your choosing. It's creative, it's expressive, it's wholesome, and it's fun!

We recognize that some people get sensitive when they see this type of headdress being warn outside its original context, despite the widespread acceptance of the concept of a costume, and despite the value modern societies places on visual & performance arts and on freedom of creative expression. So we are happy to describe our very simple position on this. We don't know how often this happens, but if you would be intentionally disrespectful of Native Americans and their cultures when wearing one of our headdresses, we ask that you please don't buy one.

We view these headdresses as a nod to reverence of bravery and accomplishment as they were originally intended to represent, as well as to cross-cultural admiration. We trust that our buyers' thoughts will be similarly thoughtful and positive when they wear one. And on a separate note, we are proud to support our artisan suppliers' efforts to make a healthy living, support their families, and contribute to the development of their communities on a set of beautiful islands nestled between the Pacific and Indian oceans.


What do you send out in your newsletter?

Our newsletter isn't extremely active, so don't expect a lot of messages to flood your inbox.  We'll mostly reserve emails for announcements about product line expansions and occasional promotions. And we will never share your email or other personal information with anyone.

Can I buy at wholesale?

At our discretion, yes! Please send us an email at to discuss.