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The history of the Native American Feather Headdress dates far back in history to the early lives of the North American Native plains tribes. Native Americans were/are deeply spiritual and connected with the land in many ways. The use of a Native American Feather Headdress in ceremonies and in times of war echoes that belief; the feather headdresses are an important part of connecting themselves with their beliefs and spirituality.

Each feather represents very specific things for the members of the tribe, including the way that the feathers are cut, the colors of the feathers and even the bird that the feathers came from; no detail is insignificant in a traditional Native American headdress piece.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at some of the most significant examples of what feather’s represented to warriors wearing a Native American Feather Headdress or war bonnet.

  1. If a warrior went into battle and received injuries or wounds, his war feathers would be painted in red colors.
  1. If a warrior’s feathers were carved into a V-shaped, this indicated that the warrior had scalped his enemy. 
  1. If a warrior had red spots painted on his war feathers, this indicated that the warrior had killed enemies of the Tribe.
  1. If a warrior had feathers cut off at the top diagonally, this meant that the particular warrior sliced the throat of an enemy with his knife.
  1. If a warrior’s feathers were split vertically, this meant that the warrior had been injured or wounded in several battles.

 Note: these cuts and meanings vary from tribe-to-tribe  

  1. While the different shapes and cuts indicated certain meanings within a headdress, the different types of bird feathers represented in the headdress usually also meant different things. For example, often an eagle feather stood for true bravery and courage, a hawk feather stood for power and stamina, and a falcon feather stood for speed and agility.     
  1. The most important birds with the greatest spiritual value were the golden eagle and the bald eagle.
  1. Every young warrior started without any feathers and had to earn feathers throughout his life. A feathered war headdress was made as the warrior collected enough feathers throughout their battles.

If you’re searching “Headdress Native American”, either for fun or for education, there is a lot to learn! Once you have an appreciation for the culture that Sounding Iron Indian Feather Headpiece replicas represent, you can proudly wear your Indian Feather Headpiece replica as a costume prop or unique outfit addition. 

The Sounding Iron is clear about the stance of their headdresses being replicas and not authentic pieces that are affiliated with Native American tribes. They respect the culture and traditions of these beautiful tribes and want to celebrate them by creating artwork inspired by traditional headdresses.

The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with any Native American groups or tribes. Our headdresses are designed and made by Balinese artisans, and inspired by traditional Native American headdresses. They are not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Native American products" or "Indian products".

With so much care and thought going into each feather, as is the case with traditional headdresses, it is no wonder that the finished products of the works of art are beautiful and colorful. The skilled artists of Bali combine aspects of their own colorful Hindu religion with traditional Native American tribal colors to create a unique piece of art suitable for all ages! 

Our headdresses are inspired by traditional War Bonnets worn by various Plains Indian tribes. In that context they’re called Indian Headdresses or Native American headdresses. But these are made on an island community with its own rich and ancient history. Beyond being a global tourism destination which connects Bali with many distant nations, today Bali’s economy is built on agriculture and on handicraft. 

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“With materials collected from Bali, Java, and Sumatra, each headdress takes many hours of painstaking work to complete. Each feather is cleaned and dried, then often dyed and/or painted and dried again. Felt and soft faux leather are measured and cut, and elaborate beadwork is hand-loomed in a process that itself takes almost an entire day.

As if that’s not good enough, the quality of each Sounding Iron piece is guaranteed and strong enough to withstand even the most rambunctious of activities!

Assembled by hand, our headdresses are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for uses from Halloween to stage performances and professional Indian theme photo shoots.

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