Every Native American Indian tribe was led by a Chief. Tribe Chief’s were chosen by the community based on accomplishments and suitable leadership skills. Chiefs distinguished themselves from other tribe members by enormous feather war bonnets. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork and a great conversation starter if you decorated your house with it. You might even be the first person in your social circles to own one, so why not consider a Chief headdress for sale replica!

Our Chief headdress replicas are designed using feathers based on the Indians’ faith that using bird feathers, in particular the impressive eagle feathers, served as protection in battle. The Indian’s believed that wearing eagle feathered war bonnets would protect them from injuries and gave them the power to survive and win hard fought battles. However, not every tribe member was allowed to wear a feathered headdress. A Tribe Chief decided who was allowed to ride into battle wearing a feathered headdress, only the bravest warriors were allowed to wear them. Our Chief headdress replicas would look absolutely majestic as decoration in your home! What are you waiting for? Check out our Chief headdress for sale replicas today.

Our Indian Chief headdress replicas are hand-crafted by our amazing artisans who ensure that every creation contains the highest quality. Spirituality and magic were the main reason for Native Indian Tribes to wear the headdresses. The people of Bali are very spiritual as well and that translates back into their work when creating our amazing products. 

The brave Chiefs would gather the feathers by catching eagles and plucking the feathers. Our headdress replicas elaborate on exotic feather combinations in a rainbow of beautiful and vibrant colors. For the Native Indians, every feather worn by a warrior or Chief represented a good or brave deed. Today many people consider a Native American headdress a sign of good fortune. People still wear Native American headdresses at events or ceremonies throughout the world while others purchase it to add it to their art collection.

The Sounding Iron brings you stunning, artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali. In the style of beautiful headdresses made by an assortment of North American Plains Indian tribes (known in this original context as Indian headdresses or Native American headdresses), our selection of these elaborate pieces is designed and made by Balinese artisans, in a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

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15 Stunning facts about Indian Chief feathered headdresses!  

  1. The first coup for warriors to receive was a collection of horsehair bind together in one feather. One of the most important rewards for a warrior to receive was called a coup. Such an achievement stood for true bravery. When a warrior engaged in close combat, close enough to touch the enemy, and returned home safely the warrior would receive a coup. The Tribe’s Chief would reward brave warriors with a coup. Tribe Chiefs separated themselves with unique Native American chief customes.
  1. When warriors went into battle and received injuries or wounds, his war feathers would be painted in red colors.
  1. A warrior with feathers carved into a V-shaped cut indicated that the warrior had scalped his enemy. 
  1. A warrior with red spots painted on his war feathers indicated that the warrior had killed enemies of the Tribe.
  1. A warrior with feathers cut off at the top diagonally meant that this particular warrior sliced the throat of an enemy with his knife.
  1. A warrior wearing sawlike or jagged war feathers meant that the warrior had received the coup, explained in Fact 1, of his Chief four times.
  1. A warrior wearing war feathers with the upper part cut off meant that the warrior had received the coup, explained in Fact 1, of his Chief 5 times. These warriors were considered extremely brave. 
  1. A warrior with feathers that were split vertically meant that the warrior had been injured or wounded in several battles.
  1. All of the above-mentioned facts represent certain accomplishments or events. However, the combination of cuts and different feathers had a different meaning among different tribes. 
  1. Not only the different shapes and cuts indicated certain meanings but also the differences between types of bird feathers represented different things. An eagle feather stood for true bravery and courage, a hawk feather stood for power and stamina, and a falcon feather stood for speed and agility.  
  1. The most important and divine birds with spiritual value were the golden eagle and the bald eagle.
  1. Upon receiving a feather from the Tribe's Chief, a Native Indian warrior could either wear the feather or stick it on a pole for ceremonies.
  1. Every young warrior started without any feathers and had to earn feathers throughout his life. A feathered war headdress was made when a warrior had collected enough feathers.
  1. Whereas warriors would earn feathers in battle and by showing bravery and courage, Chief’s wore feathered headdresses containing many different feathers but these feathers were earned by good deeds, input and donations to benefit of the tribe.
  1. The Native Americans considered feathers to be a holy gift from the Great Spirit. They would live and die for the feathers and would take the best care of any feather that they earned.

There you have it, 15 facts about the feathered headdresses of Native Americans. Whenever you buy a headdress after reading this you can explain the meaning of the feathers to your friends and family or specifically choose one of the chief headdresses for sale replicas at the Sounding Iron that represents something you value! This is also great information when buying a feathered headdress as a gift. You can add a little extra to the gift with a great and interesting story!

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