Add a Sounding Iron Indian headdress costume replica to your costume closet to make any event or holiday more special! Whether you are searching for a unique costume for Halloween, a fun reenactment for the kids or for day-to-day play for the kids, The Sounding Iron has the solution for you.

The Sounding Iron Indian headdress costume replicas are handmade by artists in Bali, Indonesia, ensuring no two-headdress replicas are identical; each piece is beaded, stitched and painted by hand. Sounding Iron prides itself on their network of artists; The Sounding Iron represents a network of artisans on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, who design and make Native American inspired feather headdresses in their home. Though Indonesia itself is not an island of traditional Native American tribes, the island is often called the “Island of the Gods” and is home to many different Hindu temples, worshippers and beliefs. The colorful, artistic Hindu culture makes it the perfect place for Indian headdress costume replicas to be crafted; since Native American headdresses were typically worn for spiritual reasons and Bali natives are particularly spiritual, it is the ideal place to craft these beautiful works of art.

What exactly is an Indian costume headdress replica?

To answer that question we need to take a look at the history of the Native American headdress:

Though Native American headdresses have been popularized as costumes for holidays, music festivals and other special events, the history of the headdress dates far before that.

Traditionally, headdresses represented a cultural and spiritual object within Native American tribes. Worn in war and certain spiritual ceremonies, headdresses or war bonnets can be compared to medals and uniforms worn by modern army members. Each tribe had headdresses and bonnets that were of certain significance to them and within each tribe, each male had to earn the right to wear a certain type of headdress. There was a complex organization of ceremonial costume headdresses, each extremely important to the tribe. 

Some important facts about headdresses: 

  1. If a warrior went into battle and received injuries or wounds, his war feathers would be painted in red colors.
  1. If a warrior’s feathers were carved into a V-shaped, this indicated that the warrior had scalped his enemy.
  1. If a warrior had red spots painted on his war feathers, this indicated that the warrior had killed enemies of the Tribe.
  1. If a warrior had feathers cut off at the top diagonally, this meant that the particular warrior sliced the throat of an enemy with his knife.
  1. If a warrior’s feathers were split vertically, this meant that the warrior had been injured or wounded in several battles.

Note: these cuts and meanings vary from tribe-to-tribe  

  1. While the different shapes and cuts indicated certain meanings within a headdress, the different types of bird feathers represented in the headdress usually also meant different things. For example, often an eagle feather stood for true bravery and courage, a hawk feather stood for power and stamina, and a falcon feather stood for speed and agility. 
  1. The most important birds with the greatest spiritual value were the golden eagle and the bald eagle.
  1. Every young warrior started without any feathers and had to earn feathers throughout his life. A feathered war headdress was made as the warrior collected enough feathers throughout their battles.

The history of the Native American headdress is extremely rich and vibrant. As a great number of movies featured the headdresses, it’s popularity was pushed and eventually it became available for commercial demand, typically sold as Indian girl costume replicas or Native American headdress costume replicas.

Sold as Halloween costumes, for imaginative children’s dress-up games or for a fun outfit to a concert or music festival, Indian girl costume replicas or Native American headdress costume replicas were widely put to use by kids and adults in western culture.

It is important for The Sounding Iron to articulate that although these headdresses are inspired by traditional Native North American plains tribes, we are not affiliated with them:

The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with any Native American groups or tribes. Our headdresses are designed and made by Balinese artisans, and inspired by traditional Native American headdresses. They are not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Native American products" or "Indian products".

These beautiful replicas are just that, replica products to be used for fun and artistic ways. Sounding Iron headdresses are the perfect addition to an Indian chief costume for an adult or a child!

As an added bonus, purchasing with Sounding Iron means you are getting great customer service:

“So that we can stay in business and grow our support for the artisans, our top priority is to make sure everyone LOVES what they're buying, and that delivery is fast and smooth. We also bring ideas for design and quality improvements back to the artisans. So please send a note to let us know if you'd like to see something different or something more!

Finally, if you like a headdress that's out of stock, don't hesitate to write and ask how quickly we can get one to you!  We might be in the process of restocking that very week, and if not, we might be able to ship one straight to you from Indonesia in only a few days.”

Are you ready to purchase your Indian headdress costume replica? Sounding Iron is the place to do that! Sounding Iron offers affordable prices, handmade pieces that never see a factory and variety of uses for your headdress replica. Great customer service also takes some of the inevitable stress out of online shopping. With all these reasons and a rich background history, there is no reason not to purchase an Indian headdress costume replica today!