Looking for an Indian Headdress replica for your next Halloween, an Instagram-worthy photo or just for a fun concert outfit idea? Sounding Iron Indian Headdress replicas are just what you’re looking for! Inspired by the beautiful traditions of North American Native plains tribes, each headdress replica is painstakingly handmade and unique.

The Sounding Iron Indian Feather Headdress replicas draw a lot of attention for their a strong visual appearance; with bright colors, multiple types of feathers and intricate beading, they are heard to miss! Get yours today!

The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with any Native American groups or tribes. Our headdresses are designed and made by Balinese artisans, and inspired by traditional Native American headdresses. They are not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Native American products" or "Indian products".

Let’s take a look at the history of the Native American headdress:

A Native American headdress is not just an accessory. While headdress replicas have become increasingly important at festivals, other outdoor events and costumes, their origin dates far before their rise in popular culture.

The Indian Feather Headdress replica represents a cultural and spiritual object among Native American tribes.

Tribal “eagle-feather war bonnets” over time were renamed to “feathered headdresses”; their importance to the tribal people cannot be overstated. Each male warrior within their respective tribes had to earn the rights to wear a each specific style a war bonnet. Oftentimes, each tribe even had their own war bonnets. War bonnets are similar to the hierarchy in today’s modern army. You can’t just choose a uniform in the army with medals, stripes and stars - you have to earn it! Similarly, Native Americans could identify someone’s rank by looking at his war bonnet and clothes.  A medal of honor, today, is given to the soldiers who distinguished themselves by acts of bravery. This can be compared to the Native Americans need to earn a war bonnet, through exceptional courage and bravery in battle. For example, eagle feathers were considered to be a special sign of bravery. The more eagle feathers a warrior earned, the higher his rank within the hierarchy of war.

You may not know where to search for “Headdress Indian replicas” or “Cherokee headdress replica”; Sounding Iron has solved that problem by connecting you with handmade Headdress Indian replicas of varying styles, colors and sizes for all ages!

Let’s keep examining the history of the Indian War Bonnet:

Wearing a war bonnet was an exclusive right that typically only the most important chiefs and well-respected warriors earned had the right to do. Due to the significant size of some bonnets, chiefs and warriors would only wear their war bonnets during certain ceremonies a it would be a major disadvantage it in battle. Some Indian War Bonnet styles even extend down to the lower back of the wearer!

The Sounding Iron Indian headwear replica pieces reflect these styles.

Each Sounding Iron replica is created with the inspiration of traditional war bonnets. For example, the eagle war bonnets were, not surprisingly, made from golden eagle feathers. White and gray eagle feathers were used, but also colorful feathers, dyed feathers and a variety of other colorful items were used to create different compositions. The Sounding Iron Native American headdress replicas are also based on these authentic designs. Ranging before the late 19th century to after, each and every headdress is created with a traditional practice in mind. Check them out and see for yourself what designs fits your personal desire best! We have styles ranging from eccentric, colorful and BOLD to the earliest styles which are more authentic and understated but equally as beautiful.

 NOTE: If you are a female thinking you shouldn’t be wearing a war bonnet replica, think again! Traditionally women would not wear war bonnets but, when their husbands returned from battle, often the women would often wear their husband’s war bonnet and dance around a fire to celebrate their safe return.

Sounding Iron Indian War Bonnet replicas really are for everyone.

A look at war bonnets today:

Today feathered headdress replicas are very popular amongst young people for wearing during music festivals, during holidays like Halloween and for fun photo shoots, both professional and otherwise. There are many different scenarios where you could wear one of our fun, handmade designs.

The Sounding Iron products brings you artisan-made feather headdresses from Bali in multiple versions and sizes, suitable for all ages and personalities.

The Sounding Iron pieces are made by Balinese artisans who, while not traditional North American plains tribe members, are very serious about spirituality and artwork in their own Hindu cultures. This is clearly reflected in the hard work that goes into each and every Sounding Iron piece. Assembled by hand, the headdress replicas are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for all uses including Halloween, stage performances, and even professional Indian theme photo shoots or fun Instagram pictures.  

So that we can stay in business and grow our support for the artisans, our top priority is to make sure everyone LOVES what they're buying, and that delivery is fast and smooth. We also bring ideas for design and quality improvements back to the artisans. So please send a note to let us know if you'd like to see something different or something more!

If you like a headdress that's out of stock, don't hesitate to write and ask how quickly we can get one to you!  We might be in the process of restocking that very week, and if not, we might be able to ship one straight to you from Indonesia in only a few days.”

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