Perhaps you’re inspired by the amazing color and feather combinations between our Native American-style headdress replicas on our Instagram, because let’s be honest: Such a visual strong feather headdress replica is an absolute eye-catcher. Our feathered headdress styles resemble the Native American culture. Have you ever considered to buy an Indian headdress replica for sale? I can imagine if our Instagram pictures have drawn your attention, it’s now time to order one! 

Usually when you look at a Native American-style headdress, you see the magnificent artwork. It’s a mix of culture, spirituality and “being one with earth” - the wind, water, fire, storms, horses, plains and everything else you imagine. However, not every tribe on the Plains wore feathered headdresses and the ones that did had their own interpretation based on rituals and culture. At The Sounding Iron, we try to integrate the same amazing mix of culture and spirituality in our products.

Every single feather has its own meaning which translates into rankings. Acts of valor, bravery, astonishing courage are just a few examples of what some feathers stand for. The Native-American headdresses carried a lot of value and are comparable with the Medal of Honor of our time. The Indians considered feathers to be a sacred element from the Great Spirit.

Our Native American-style headdress replicas have become very popular among festival lovers. It’s a great way to impress the crowd with your amazing outfit. While reading this, chances are you’ve already considered an Indian headdress replica for sale. Some of the biggest festivals were influenced by Indian headpiece replicas and have proven to be a popular accessories of costumes.

Many people feel that wearing a feather headdress replica is a sign of freedom and cultural appreciation. Festivals are commonly visited by a large group of different people and a great opportunity for cultural blending. Everyone can broaden his or her horizon and soak in the cultural riches from other people. Our category with headdress replicas for sale offers a great variety between different styles and designs, tailored to meet your personal preferences. When you’re going to a family-oriented festival, make sure to check out our kid’s category! 

There are many different Native American headdresses and all absolutely beautiful in their own way. We’ve listed some of the best looking Indian headdresses below. Read the stories behind it and decide for yourself what American Indian headdress replica in our collection is most inspiring to you!

  1. Indian American-style Headdress / Mask 

A large variety of Native American tribes wore masks. The majority of these tribes carved wood into different designs and wrapped in leather. A vast group of other tribes wore crafted animal skulls. The masks were used during ceremonies to cover someone’s face. 

  1. Porcupine Roaches Headdress 

This particular headdress is often used in the pop and music culture today. Roach headdresses were used throughout the plains of the U.S. The Indians created roach headdresses using animal hair such as moose hair or deer hair. The headdress can be compared to a mohawk-look.

  1. Trailer Warbonnet Headdress

Well-known tribes such as the Sioux and Cheyenne wore trailer warbonnet headdresses. It’s made of eagle feathers trailing down the back. The length of the trailer warbonnet could trail all the way back down to the calves. Check out our collection of extra long Indian feather headdress replica for sale which resembles the same style of long headdresses. The great variety of different colors amongst our collection is based on the original designs too. 

  1. Straight-up headdress

This particular headdress is somewhat similar to the eagle feathered headdress, however, the feathers are slightly narrower and stand up straight.

  1. Halo feathered headdress 

The Halo feathered headdress is among the most popular Indian headdresses as an accessory for festival lovers or used at other events and ceremonies. As shown in our collection of long headdress replicas, this particular Indian headdress features a peacock stand with a beautiful long tail in different lengths and sizes.

  1. Otter-skin Caps 

As the name suggests, this headdress is made of otter-skin. Most of these headdresses were worn by tribes in the Southern regions, a well-known tribe that wore otter-skin headdresses were the Pawnee tribe. The headdresses were painted with stunning patterns, tribe chiefs would typically connect eagle feathers at the back of the turban during spiritual ceremonies.

  1. Buffalo-style Indian Headdress

The Sioux, one of the most well-known Northern tribes, wore the Buffalo-style Indian headdress. This was a special headdress in itself because only the bravest warriors rewarded for acts of valor were allowed to wear Buffalo-style Indian headdress. Buffalo hair was the main component of this headdress. Consider having a look at our feather headdress replica for sale page, our headdress replicas have a similar design to the Buffalo-style with a long trail down the back. We have different sizes for both adults and kids.

  1. Feathered headband 

The feathered headband was mainly worn by tribes in the Woodlands. Unlike many other Indian headdresses, the feather headband was not linked to war or battle achievements but rather showcased a form of beauty. It was a creative design with different patterns and beads. Headbands are a perfect accessory for summer festivals, typically women love to wear feather headband replicas.

  1. Native American Mayan and Aztec-style

Comparable to a feather headband worn by Woodland tribes, Aztec and Mayan tribes wore headdresses merely to show its beauty and magnificence and not as a sign of war or rank. Another unique fact about the Mayan and Aztec-style headdress is, that there was no connection to spirituality neither. The tribes wore the headdress in combination with fancy accessories such as jewels, necklaces and gold. The Sounding Iron’s American Indian headdress replica for sale collection is a perfect opportunity to buy such a headdress replica for its splendor!

  1. Twined Headdress

Many tribes around the Rocky Mountains wore twined headdresses. Twined headdresses were worn during spiritual activities such as dances and ceremonies, but also in daily life. This particular headdress looks somewhat like a hat and is enlarged in brimmed styles, created from fibers. 

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