Stressing out because you haven’t been able to find an awesome costumes for upcoming event or party yet? In that case, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a kid’s costume, couple’s costume or just something for yourself, the Sounding Iron offers great the perfect solution. Check out our awesome category of Indian war bonnet replicas for sale! Let us help you choose the coolest costume before the big day!

Why do people actually wear costumes? For most of us, it’s an opportunity to stop the clock, break social codes, be different, and walk around in otherwise unacceptable clothing or dresses. Some people might wear costumes to let off steam and take their mind off daily life struggles. Don’t we all have an inner drive to sometimes wear something crazy, funny or simply something different?

We’ve created a list of events and reasons to wear our Indian headdress replicas below:

1. Traditional Ceremonies 

Ceremonies in memory of the Indian Plain tribes organized by organizations or related families are the most obvious place for people to wear our American Native headdress replicas. Our collection of headdress replicas is similar to traditional headdress because...

Our headdresses are inspired by traditional War Bonnets worn by various Plains Indian tribes. In that context they’re called Indian Headdresses or Native American headdresses. But these are made on an island community with its own rich and ancient history. Beyond being a global tourism destination which connects Bali with many distant nations, today Bali’s economy is built on agriculture and on handicraft.

In addition, our Balinese artisans use real feathers when creating our headdress replicas. Our Indian war bonnet replica for sale collection offers a wide range of different colors, styles and feather sizes. Which Indian war bonnet replica do you think looks best on you? Product out of stock? Just send us a message and ask how fast we’re able to deliver. Chances are we’re already working on restocking that particular product.

2. Performances

Our Indian headdress replica was worn by a revered Native American icon at a stage performance last month. It proved to be a unique experience for the people in attendance showing an incredible mix of relatability and foreign concepts. Performances alike are a great way of education on quieter subjects. Make sure to check out our “kid’s size headdresses” collection, a beautiful Indian headdress replica is definitely something they would want to wear for their upcoming school performance!

3. Gaming Convention

The gaming industry has a very creative mind when it comes to costumes. Whenever there’s a major event or convention, companies and individuals try to create the coolest costumes to get attention from the visitors. People typically aim to design a perfect look-alike costume of their favorite in-game characters. Check out war bonnet replicas for sale at the Sounding Iron to purchase the perfect match for your favorite gaming character look-alike costume now!

4. Halloween

Halloween is the best day of the year to dress up. Regardless of age, when it’s Halloween young and old dress up with their best costumes to collect candy and other gifts. Schools usually organize special days to celebrate Halloween obviously every kid wants an awesome costume, our kid size Indian headdresses are a great item to showcase at school. In case you already have a few Indian accessories for your costume, one of our Indian headdress replicas are a great fit to complete your costume! Just check out the Sounding Iron’s collection to purchase the headdress replica that fits your costume best!

5. Role play 

Role-playing is a fun activity for most people, usually performed at schools by kids. Kids love to pretend to play a role of a certain character. The Sounding Iron’s Indian headdress replicas are a perfect combination between beauty and education. The powerful visual look when wearing our headdress replica will definitely catch everyone's attention while kids can perform an act containing valuable and interesting history subjects. So apart from having fun, all kids involved are being educated at the same time.

6. Mardi Gras 

Mardi Gras is an extremely popular time to dress up and wear your coolest or craziest costume of the year. It’s an event for both men and women where everyone can wear something they would never wear in daily life. It’s quite common for women to wear tall and beautiful headdresses, usually a feather-based headdress. Why don’t you be different this year? It’s now time to check out Native American war bonnet replica for sale at the Sounding Iron. Real feathers are used for our hand-crafted Indian headdress replicas. It’s truly a unique item for your Mardi Gras costume, no doubt you’ll be catching many eyes with it!

7. Festivals 

Festival season is coming up soon again. The weather is increasingly getting better and with that the popular music festivals is closing in. Festivals or any other outdoor music event attract visitors from many different places. The difference between such a large group of people is fascinating to experience but for some reason everyone is connecting with each other through their shared love for the same music. Going to a festival is like going to a parade; there’s so much to see. Let’s be honest, what’s better than simply looking at all the different people passing? Every single person has his or her own unique look and many people create an aura of attention due to their amazing costumes. Simply dress to impress! One of our Native Indian headdress replicas’ visual power is astonishing and I dare to bet you’ll get plenty of attention when you decide to wear it to a festival.

Assembled by hand, our headdresses are bound by strong glue and thread, and a bit of cotton string helps to maintain the final shape. The final product is exceptionally durable, with quality suitable for uses from Halloween to stage performances and professional Indian theme photo shoots.

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