In their original context, Indian headdresses were made by Plains Indian tribes for to represent accomplishment and status. They’re sometimes called “Chief headdresses”, but they certainly weren’t only worn by tribal chiefs. They often but were not always worn only by men. However in many cases, each feather might represent a certain act of accomplishment or bravery, so that only elder tribe members and only those who were active leaders and warriors could achieve the status to warrant creation of these works of art and the right to wear it. Thus the Native American headdress is a very powerful and reverent symbol.

Given these origins, our headdresses of course are costume pieces inspired by the Indian headdress. In a nod to this origin and the greatness they are meant to represent, the quality of our headdresses is outstanding, suitable for everything from Halloween to professional photo shoots and on-stage theatrical performances. Each one is a work of art, and built to last a lifetime!