The Sounding Iron’s Indian headdress replica’s are great for so many reasons. Completed with genuine Indian headpiece feathers and hand crafted, you can be sure each and every headpiece is unique. Whether you want to dress up your kids or yourself, purchase a Sounding Iron headdress for the perfect addition to your costume closet!

Every chief headdress replica by The Sounding Iron is handmade in Bali, Indonesia by artisans. You can be sure your headdress is not manufactured in a large facility but is carefully and individually constructed. Add a chief headdress replica to your costume closet to make any play, video or holiday even more special.

The Sounding Iron represents a network of artisans on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, who design and make Native American inspired feather headdresses in their homes. Often called “The Island of the Gods”, Bali is world-renowned for dramatic cliffs dropping to the Indian Ocean, exquisite Hindu architecture, and jaw dropping, intricate craftsmanship.

Here are the top reasons to add Sounding Iron Indian headdress with real Indian headpiece feathers to your wardrobe.

1) To Spice Up A Video

There are plenty of occasions to make a video. While making a video for a school project may be the only thing that immediately comes to mind, making a video for a job or just for fun are also great opportunities. No matter what the video is for, a feather headdress replica can make even the most uninteresting more exciting or humorous.

2) For a play

Live theater is popular for both young people in school and also as a life long pastime for others. Plays often portray historic events including stories of Native Americans. Add a Sounding Iron Indian headdress replica to your theater costume room to be ready for any Native American scenes.

What makes The Sounding Iron headdresses the best choice for your performance is their authenticity to original headdresses. Make your performance as true as possible with a Sounding Iron Indian headdress replica.

3) To Make A Photo Special

Feel like taking a unique photo shoot? Whether for a fun Instagram shoot, a modeling portfolio or a fun gift to frame and give away, a Native American headdress replica can make any photo shoot particularly exciting.

The Sounding Iron headdresses are an ideal addition to a landscape photo or a portrait shot; the Indian headdress feathers make a beautiful castoff pattern in black and white under perfectly positioned lighting.

If you are looking to build your modeling portfolio, either as a professional or for personal use, an Indian headdress replica photo can add a unique shot for your portfolio.

4) For an Instant Halloween Costume

During Halloween each year, it can become stressful for both kids and adults to decide what they want to dress up as. The best costumes are those that are fun, inexpensive and start conversations.

Sounding Iron Indian girl costume headdresses are an easy Halloween idea. By adding just a headdress to any outfit or by going the extra mile and adding a headdress to a full Indian girl costume, you or your daughter will be ready for Halloween with minimal effort!

5) To Start a Conversation, Anytime

A Sounding Iron feather headdress replica starts conversations in many situations. Whether you are wearing it or displaying it proudly as artwork in your home, a feather headdress replica is a unique item and will be a great way to get a conversation started. Hand stitched and beaded in Bali, Indonesia, a Native headdress replica is a piece of artwork waiting to be appreciated!

6) For Educational Purposes

Sounding Iron headdresses are a great addition to a classroom or educational reenactment costume wardrobe. Native American history is an important part of teaching cultural and geographical history, so much so that many classrooms and museums reenact scenes from early American history as a part of their curriculum.

Add an authentic headdress to your reenactment in order to convey the importance that Native American’s placed on their handmade artwork and wardrobe, especially ceremonial pieces.

Our headdresses are inspired by traditional War Bonnets worn by various Plains Indian tribes. In that context they’re called Indian Headdresses or Native American headdresses. But these are made on an island community with its own rich and ancient history. Beyond being a global tourism destination which connects Bali with many distant nations, today Bali’s economy is built on agriculture and on handicraft.

If wearing the Indian headdress replica isn’t your thing, just display it as a beautiful piece of handmade art!

If you already have a collection of artwork that consists of traditional paintings, sculptures and similar media but want something totally unique, get yourself a Sounding Iron handmade Indian Headdress replica for your collection.

Don’t believe us? Read some of Amazon’s 5 star reviews of their Sounding Iron headdress replicas:

“Purchased (2) headdresses for a scout ceremony - extra long and short. Headdresses arrived promptly, with professional follow-up by the seller. The products are GORGEOUS and have exceeded my expectations. The scouts are so appreciative of the beautiful pieces and particularly like the real feathers. The craftsmanship, although not authentic to the Native Americans, is excellent. Intricately pieced together.” – USMC Family, 5 Stars 

“Great Quality, Great fit! Lots of compliments!” – Colin, 5 stars

“Awesome!” – Matthew, 5 stars


Get your own Native American feather headdress replica complete with genuine Indian headpiece feathers to start seeing these benefits and more! A Sounding Iron Native American feather headdress replica can make even the most average photo, event or costume shine.