Long Native American Headdress Replica - Blue Rooster Feathers

$69.00 USD

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This is The Sounding Iron's Long Feather Headdress with Dark Blue Rooster Feathers, in the style of a traditional Native American Headdress, aka Indian Costume. It is elaborate and beautiful, measuring about 39" from forehead to tail, and it's the perfect central piece of a tribal costume or Indian girl costume!


Between our Short and Extra Long headdresses in length, the Long chief headdress is often just right for a tribal costume. Its bright, high quality feathers shoot upward and outward, and fall halfway down the back. Each one is handmade and slightly unique: color variations occur in the beads and other decorative elements, so every Indian girl costume featuring one will be different!

  • Feathers are real rooster feathers dyed to deep blue.
  • Soft, excellent quality faux suede on the forehead, faux fur and felt scrolls at the base of the feathers, and a deep felt cap that fits most adults comfortably.
  • Very functional: sturdy and comfortable, with high quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Great for parties, plays, parades, films, photoshoots, drum circles, as an Indian girl costume for Halloween, for music festivals, canoe trips, rain dances, or being awesome.

Real feathers vary in length, so approximate dimensions when laid flat are 39" long x 15-19" high. As part of an Indian girl costume it will hang halfway down your back and be really big behind you!

Materials are sourced in Java, and our headdresses are made by local Balinese artisans out of their homes in the Indonesian countryside. We then bring them to the United States for easy delivery to customers. The Sounding Iron is not affiliated with any Native American groups; our headdresses are fun, high quality costume pieces and not meant to be interpreted as authentic "Indian products".


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